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Meet Our 2023-2024 Board of Directors


The Board of Directors of the Tucson Committee on Foreign Relations, Inc. is composed of elected officers and board members. Officers are elected each spring. The board is divided into three classes, serving staggered three-year terms. An extended biography of each board member may be found by clicking on "Member Bio."

Board Officers:

Photo of Christine Wells


Christine Wells

Psychologist; Healthcare Executive/Consultant.

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Photo of Bill Banks

Vice President & Program

William C. Banks

Chair, American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law and National Security. Professor of Law Emeritus, Syracuse University

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Christine Shea

Accountant with a Tucson public accounting firm.

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Board Members:

Photo of Board member

William Boynton

Emeritus Faculty at Carnegie Mellon

photo of john bryant

John Bryant 

Retired U.S. Army Officer

photo of mike burgoyne

Michael Burgoyne

Assistant Professor of Practice, School of Government and Public Policy

Photo of James Caruso

James Carouso

Senior Adviser and Chairman of the Advisory Council to the Australia Chair, Center for Strategic & International Studies

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Photo of Tom Collinger

Thomas Collinger

Emeritus Faculty Northwestern University 

photo of gary guertner

Gary Guertner

Military and National Security Specialist

photo of margaret houy

Margaret Houy

Retired Health Care Consultant and Health Care Lawyer

photo of david metzner

David M. Metzner

MD: Retired Plastic Surgeon

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photo of roy morey

Roy Morey

Retired Senior United Nations Officer, Staff Assistant to President Richard Nixon and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs

photo of atifa rawan

Atifa Rawan

Library Faculty Emeritus at the University of Arizona

photo of tom volgy

Tom Volgy

Professor of International Politics; Former Mayor of Tucson

photo of sara st denis

Sara St. Denis

Program Manager at Rincon

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