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Tucson Committee on Foreign Relations

 Founded in 1965

The mission of the Tucson Committee on Foreign Relations (TCFR) is to promote understanding within the Tucson community of foreign policy and international relations issues and to provide a non-partisan forum for the discussion of those issues.

Tucson Committee on Foreign Relations

Our Vision

Established in 1965 amid the tense backdrop of the Cold War and the Vietnam military build-up, TCFR emerged with a simple goal: to shed light on global affairs and provide a neutral space for discussions. As history unfolded—with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the rise of China, tumult in the Middle East, and various U.S. engagements—TCFR remained a steadfast source of timely insights for Tucson's concerned citizens.

Our core mission? Bringing renowned speakers—from academia, diplomacy, government, and beyond—to Tucson, engaging members in vital discussions. Initially linked to the Council on Foreign Relations, TCFR became an independent entity in '95, later joining and then departing from larger affiliations. Today, it thrives independently, boasting exceptional members and speakers, guided by a dedicated board committed to lifelong education.

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