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TCFR Board Member Bio

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Professor of International Politics; former Mayor of Tucson; overseas experience: work with NDI, USIA, USAID, and CSCE in Central Europe; Russia, Central Asia and South America.

Tom Volgy

Ph.D., Former Tucson Mayor

BA     Oakland University,1967
MA     University of (Political Science) 1969
PhD    University of Minnesota (Political Science) 1972
Professional and Administrative Experience
Dr. Volgy has been a faculty member at the Department of Political Science and School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona since 1971 where he continues to serve as a Full Professor. During his career at the University of Arizona, Dr. Volgy served as Department Head, Executive director of the International Studies Association, and Director of the University of Arizona’s Teaching Center.
Dr. Volgy served as Mayor of the City of Tucson from 1987 to 1991. Prior to that he served as a council member for the City of Tucson from 1977 to 1987. He is principal of the consulting firm, Magellan International LLC
Dr. Volgy was a visiting scholar at the International Relations Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana,( 2012); the School of International Relations, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Moscow, Russia, ( 2014); the  Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia, 2015. He is a Research Fellow at the Pardee Center,  Pardee Center, University of Denver and a Fellow at the TransResearch Consortium
The editorial boards on which Dr. Volgy has served/and or continues to serve on includes: the International Studies Quarterly; International Studies Review; Journal of International Relations and Development; Foreign Policy Analysis; International Political Sociology; Global Governance; International Interactions; Global Society;  European Review of International Studies; Vestnik (Journal of International Relations); Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies; Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Empirical Research (advisory board)

  • The only person elected for four terms as Executive Director, International Studies, 1995-2015.

  • Co-chair, Standing Group on International Politics, International Political Science Association

  • Elected to the Executive Council by members of the Central and Eastern European International Studies Association, for the 2010-2012, 2013-2015 terms.

  • Sole recipient of the ISA Presidents Award, awarded for exemplary and outstanding service to both the International Studies Association and the field of international relations, 2003

  • One of two U.S. scholars invited to participate in the non-governmental counterpart to the six power talks on N. Korean nuclear proliferation, Seoul, September 2005

  • Robert O Burns Award for outstanding international public education, 2000.

  • Annual Public Service Award, National Association of Social Workers, 1999.

  • Common Cause, Public Service Award, 1997

  • U.S. State Department Delegate to the CSCE, 1994.

  • National Advisory Committee, Leadership for America’s Cities, 1994

  • Recipient of the University of Arizona’s Distinguished Citizen Award, 1991.

  • Board of Directors, National League of Cities, 1989--1991.

  • Pima County Bar Association Award for Outstanding Naturalized Citizen of the Year, 1987.

  • Recipient, Oasis Award for outstanding production in public affairs programming, 1987

  • Recipient, Outstanding Teaching Award, School of Behavioral Sciences, 1987.

  • Recipient, “Outstanding Young American” national award, 1981.

  • As co-author of the book, The Forgotten Americans (W.W. Norton, 1992), selected as winner of the 1993 School of Behavioral Sciences best book author.

  • Selected as member of the international delegation to observe and validate Hungary’s first democratic national elections, 1990.

National and International Activities
Dr. Volgy has given testimony at:

  • U.S. House of Representatives, onfederal transportation policy, 1981.

  • National Governors Association, on transportation policy, 1982.

  • National Women’s Political Caucus Convention, on telecommunications technologies and political socialization,1983.

  • U.S. Senate, on federal transportation policy, 1985.

  • U.S. House of Representatives, on oversight needs for telecommunications, 1988.

  • U.S. Congress, negotiator on behalf of the National League of Cities on Telecommunications Law (Senate Bill 66), enacted 1984.

  • National Democratic Convention: Delegate, 1984; Delegate and Rules Committee 1992

  • U.S. Senate, Anti-Trust Committee, on cable legislation, 1989.

  • National Democratic Party, Rules Committee, 1992.

  • Speaker and Participant, on campaign finance reform, for Center on Responsive Politics, 1992.

  • Trained elected officials in governance and public policy for USAID and USIA in Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, and Central America, 1991-2010

Dr. Volgy has written Op Ed pieces and given interviews/analysis for: Arizona Daily Star; Newsday; Newsweek, Tucson Citizen; New York Times, Politico, Le Monde, Arizona Republic, NBC, CBS, Associated Press, PBS, NPR, Fox, New Republic, Newsweek, AgenceFrance-Press, BBC, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Courthouse News Service, USA Today, Reuters, Washington Post, Russian News Service.

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