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Empowering Tucson's global perspective on foreign relations through spirited dialogue.

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TCFR offers memberships to Tucson residents who are community leaders, government officials, experienced globally, students, and anyone seeking valuable insights on foreign relations.

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Every month, TCFR hosts distinguished guest speakers to discuss relevant global topics and issues. Speakers range from diplomats to subject matter experts and each provide valuable perspectives and information. 

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Don't have time to attend an event? Read our speaker commentaries written by our graduate fellow for insightful and easy to read takeaways from each event.

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TCFR is committed to fostering valuable bipartisan discussions and wants to invite you to join the conversation. At TCFR we value knowledgeable viewpoints and believe the best way to learn is through open dialogue.


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 Your donation helps sustain our platform, allowing us to host influential thought leaders who share insights on vital global issues, creating a truly enriching experience for our valued members. 

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59 yrs in the Making

Tucson Committee on Foreign Relations is the oldest foreign policy discussion group in Arizona. Formed in 1965, at the height of the Cold War and the early stages of the United States involvement in the Vietnam conflict, TCFR has operated continuously since then, bringing knowledgeable experts to Tucson for informative and challenging exchanges.

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